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Sunday, September 03, 2006

House of Poop

Jami and I went to the Blueberry Festival in Plymouth, Indiana on Saturday. We only stayed for a little bit. It was nearly impossible to navigate through the huge crowd. At the end, Jami had to use the bath room. The only problem, there were only Port 'O Potties to use. I've decided for myself that I will not use those things anymore. I just can't lock myself in a very small, smelly room with other people's fecies and urine. What kind of animals have we become... crapping on other people's crap. And peeing on other people's pee. There has got to be a study done that describes the dangers of using one of these things. So, even though I had to go, I took the chance of urinating on myself by waiting for the restroom in McDonalds... even though that wasn't much better in the end.


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