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Friday, July 07, 2006

Live A Revolution b-Votional 1 Thessalonians 4:1, 9, 10

The following are a few of my thoughts from a homework assignment our Mexico Team received last week.

Christian brothers, we ask you, because of the Lord Jesus, to keep on living in a way that will please God. I have already told you how to grow in the Christian life. 1 Thess. 4v1
It's so easy to get caught up in life. It's easy to get comfortable to the point of simply going through the motions. And I think Paul knew that. He wanted to remind the believers in Thesolonica that living in a way that pleases God is a daily thing. He was saying, "I know that it's easy to forget. It's easy to get caught up in the daily routine. But I'm writing you because I want to remind you that Jesus has taught us how to live. And I'm writing you to remind you there's a way to live that pleases God. Live that way!" It's easy for me to get caught up in my daily routine. And I need to be reminded that there's a way to live that pleases God. Jesus, help me to remember that there's a way to live that pleases and glorifies you... and help me to live that way!
Regarding life together and getting along with each other, you don't need me to tell you what to do. You're God-taught in these matters. Just love one another!You're already good at it; your friends all over the province of Macedonia are the evidence. Keep it up; get better and better at it. 1 Thess. 4v9-10
Paul, instead of just saying, "Yo guys. Keep on loving." and that be the end of it, instead encouraged them and commended them for loving others... but not for loving others with just the love they have - for loving others with the love of God - with the love that God taught. It's love that's bigger than we could ever offer on our own. In essence, Paul is saying, "great job for letting the Spirit of God work through you!" "Great job for being Spirit-led!" How many times do I love with the love that Todd has to give. God wants us to love with the love that He has to give... which is much bigger than I could ever love. God wants me to be Spirit led in my love that I give. In addition, when we address others, we can learn from Paul. Not only does he tell these dudes to keep on loving. He encourages them and commends them for what they've done and allowed God to do through them. How many times do I simply tell people what to do... or simply ask someone to do something. God wants us to encourage and commend people for what they've already done. Secondly, these guys are loving on people who are close to them in likeness, proximity or social status. These guys are loving on people who are not like them - who are different then they are - who are far away from them in distant lands. Very practically, God is asking me to love on people who are very different than I am - who are very far from where I live - He is asking me to love the very people we are going to see in a few short days... not only when I get there. But God is asking that I love them now... in praying for them now... in how I prepare my heart now... in how I handle my relationship with God now... because it's now that I begin to love these people we are going to. It's now that I put myself in a place to be able to love on them when we get down there physically. Jesus, help me to get to the place where I am loving on these people we are going to see now. Help me to prepare my heart and my mind. Put these people on my heart so heavy that I can't help but pray for them. And Jesus, help me to love others with a love that's bigger than me - with your love.


Blogger versejer2911 said...

Nice devotional Todd. I really relate to 'encouraging people for what they have already done.' It is so important for people to hear positive stuff that will lift them and continue to give them direction. Take care.

ps: stop by my blog sometime and look at what Ryan did to our car.


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