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Friday, June 16, 2006

Parents Not Making Grade

Interesting article in the Chicago Sun-Times, Teens Say Adults Not Making Grade. According to the article, some of the lower scoring categories include: leading by example, being honest, spending quality time with family and really listening to and understanding kids in their age group.

Student Quotes:

“When I leave home in the morning my parents are asleep; when I get home from school they are at work; when they come home, I’m asleep.”
“We rarely get a chance to see each other."
“Let’s turn the tables, you may learn from one of our lectures”
“Please get rid of the clever clichés and simple life solutions, there is no easy button”
“’A’ means perfect. We don’t want perfect parents, we want parents who are consistent”
“Adults hate it when we take a page from their young lives”
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