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Monday, June 05, 2006

The Next Stage

So this past May I hit the big Three Zero. It still feels weird to say, "I'm thirty," when someone asks how old I am. But I don't really feel any different. Well, I didn't until some co-workers asked me to go golfing this past Wednesday. I haven't gone golfing in two years. It has never really appealed to me – that is, not until last week. It actually appeals more to me than playing softball – which I've played since I was 19... 11 years ago. Now, I find myself looking online to find out how I can correct my slice. I guess, now at age thirty, this is the next stage in life... golfing – and I'm actually looking forward to it... so, yeah, I'm thirty... now I have to find a way to get my golf score down from 144 (yuck).


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