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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

More Evidence I'm Aging

So, I am definitely getting older. I'm not ancient, but I'm not young either. This was the most comfortable spot for me last night - on my back. You see, I had just changed Carter on the couch. Next step, wrestling time. Of course, when you wrestle, you have to throw your kid in the air. So, while I was sitting down, I decided to throw Carter up in the air four or five times. And of course, you can't just throw him up regular, you have to do tricks, like spinning him around. And of course, Carter doesn't stay straight while he's in the air. He gets a bug eyed grin giggle and contorts himself in a Taylor Hicks-like happy stance. So I didn't notice that I had done anything to my back until I went out to the kitchen to get a plastic bag for Carter's poopy diaper. As I bent down I could feel a sharp, achey pain. So for the rest of the night, and still today, I've got a back strain because I'm a 30 year old idiot who chose to throw a year and a half old baby in the air from a sitting position. And that's more evidence that I'm not getting any younger.


Blogger becky c said...

Oh, suck it up and deal, like the rest of us OLD people!! ;)

9:58 PM  

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