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Monday, May 08, 2006


I'm a big fan of Information (1-411). Jami doesn't like it when I use it. Probably because it costs like a cagillion dollars. But my philosophy is this, information is priceless. I love being able to get a number in Mud Butte, South Dakota while driving in my car... ok, so I've never called anyone in Mud Butte, South Dakota... but there really is a Mud Butte, South Dakota. I looked it up on So now that I know there really is a Mud Butte, South Dakota, I want to call information and say, "Mud Butte, South Dakota," when they ask for city and state. And when they ask, "What listing please," I want to say, "I don't care. I just want to talk to anyone who lives in Mud Butte."

So, in any case, last Thursday I wanted to check on a movie at a particular theatre... we were in the parking lot of GCC. Consequently we didn't have a phone book. So I asked Jami if she knew the number. She didn't. You know what that means... 1-411 to the rescue - because I'm too lazy to walk back into the church to get a phone book. Jami gave me a dirty look. I laughed. I called 1-411. City, state, listing. I told the lady. She says, "Are you looking for a particular movie?" "Huh? Yes I am." "What is it?" "Huh? Why?" "Well, I can give you the time it's playing." Again, "Huh? So you're telling me you're going to give me movie information. You mean, Information now extends to movie times?" "Um, yeah. What movie do you need." "Huh? Well, ok. Mission Impossible III." "Well, it's not playing at this theatre. But it is playing at Show Place 16. Would you like the times for that one?" Again, "Huh? Oh no, that's ok. Thanks." That was literally the conversation I had with 1-411. She must have been from the South... my next question I will have for them... how do I get to Mud Butte, South Dakota!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you all know that Todd will be 30 on Thursday?!??! Happy Birthday in advance!!!

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