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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Construction Time

It was actually suppose to be pretty easy. Start dinner, build a wagon, go for a walk. Piece of cake... well, did I say build a wagon? Ok, so anytime I have to put something together, you can count on one thing... it ain't easy. I don't care if you have to simply snap on a few wheels and a pull bar. It isn't easy. Like tonight. Put on four wheels and a handle you use to pull the wagon with. Should be relatively simple... not for me! I begin with putting the bars that are suppose to go on the front of the wagon on the back. Consequently, I have to rip the snaps off the wheels, bending the bars and saying over and over and over again, "This isn't good. This just can't be good. These bars aren't suppose to bend that way." Well, after 45 minutes of removing the rear wheels, we begin to put the wagon together the right way. And after we install the front wheels, correctly, we begin to put on the rear wheels – only, we're now missing a critical part that we need to finish the project. So, after an hour of putting together a wagon that should only have taken 15 minutes, it sits unfinished in the hallway outside Carter's room... oh ya, and we never got to take the walk.


Blogger Lindsay Wasik said...

I had the same problem putting Dawson's wagon together...not fun. It was very frustrating and took me almost 2 hours even with the help of my cousin. Hopefully yours will get finished soon. If not, feel free to borrow ours :-)

10:07 AM  

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