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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Here We Go...

There are a few things that are hard to get back to doing once I take an unexpected break from doing them – putting my clothes away (I literally have baskets all over our room sometimes), exercising and lifting weights, and blogging. The last couple of weeks have been... well... they've been crazy. I nearly got pneumonia after waiting to see a doctor for two weeks (the doctor literally said I was two days away), interviewed and hired for a new job (the process took six hours), I job shadowed for two and a half days (I start the new job on Monday) – which means I will have worked like 13 or 14 days straight. And in the middle of all of that we had to try to figure out how to re-work Carter's schedule. Things happen fast and we've been busy, but now I'm at a point where I can sit down and get back to the daily routine of the great experience of blogging. I know that I haven't posted any updates on Carter in the recent month. Don't worry. They'll be coming this week. So here we go...


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