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Friday, December 30, 2005

Podcast to Pick

I'm hooked. I've had an Ipod for two days, and I'm already hooked to podcasts. Like humans need water, I need podcasts. Ok, that may be a little overly dramatic. But the podcast I want to pass on to you this week does have a lot to do with water... living water. It's from Aqueous Church in Goleta, California near Santa Barbara. Aqueous - meaning partaking of the nature of water, or abounding with it. Lead pastors Billy and Kristin Calderwood are calling people to live aqueous lives where Jesus flows out of every area of each person. I recently listened to the 12.03.05 podcast by Billy called, Worship and Praise: when Jesus arrives in the temple. Their passion is communicated clearly through their site and it's clear that they are not afraid to risk and fail at innovation to connect with Jesus so that they never give in to the staleness of spirit and soul. This is my Podcast to Pick this week, if for no other reason than pastor Billy actually said "Jesus was pissed" in the above message. Thanks for your courage, passion and telling it like it is.


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