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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Iced Pop

So I get into work yesterday morning and one of the guys is talking about how a pop exploded all over the staff freezer. Immediately I thought, "oh that totally sucks for whoever left it in there." And I made a couple of jokes about how if he was a nice guy he would have cleaned it up. And then I thought, "could it be mine?" And I came to the conclusion that it wasn't. And went on with work. And then after a couple of minutes Mark, the guy who found the mess, came up to me and said something I wasn't expecting from him... he said, "The can that exploded, was a cherry vanilla Dr. Pepper." Noooooooooo! Nobody else drinks cherry vanilla Dr. Pepper but me. I'm the person it sucked for! I was so hoping it was somebody else. But it wasn't. It was me. So for the first 30 or so minutes of work I cleaned out the freezer of MY exploded cherry vanilla Dr. Pepper. So lesson learned. Don't put cans of pop in the freezer to get cold quicker... or at least drink a type of pop that everyone else drinks!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Todd - Tabby saw this today and said that it looked like blood!! Yuck!!!

10:52 PM  

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