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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Carter's Christmas

Welcome to Carter's Christmas. I wish I had more photos but I was too busy taking video shots of him opening his gifts. He wants to thank everyone for their present to him.

Look out! Here I come.

Hey, can I get a push? Put down the camera.

Yeah, it's me... Carter.

Check this out. It makes noise when I walk with it.

Check out my Christmas PJs. Aparently I will get them every year on Christmas Eve. I think that's a fun tradition... well it will be until I'm like 12.

Ooooo, a magic wand. What!? It's a toothbrush?

One more picture from great grandma and grandpa Ruth's house... I'm tired. Can you tell?


Blogger Daryl McMullen said...

Carter Ruth - You better come over and play with me some time. I don't have any fun people to play with. My sisters just taunt me and beat me up and make me play with Barbies and stuff...

I got a bunch of Spiderman stuff - you could play with some of it if you came over. Well I gotta go - my daddy's coming and he hates it when I mess with his computer. Catch ya later - by the way you have a great looking mom and dad - except your dad's a little cocky about his new toy - what is that anyway? He called an iPod or something like that. That's nothing compared to my Spiderman Hellicopter - I'll let you hold it if you want.

Oops - gotta run...


4:21 PM  

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