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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Mechanical Malfunction

Well, the blog has been quiet for a couple of days. Not by choice. No. Not because I got too busy. No. It's because I'm computerless. Our hard drive on our Mac Ibook decided it was time to quit. I hate quitters. Especially when it costs us $300 dollars. That's right. $300. A friend of mine told me that it would normally cost half that to fix a PC... so why do I have a Mac? That's another entry altogether. When asked why it quit, the computer guy said, "Well, it's a mechanical device and mechanical devices wear out." Thanks dude, I thought a hard drive was an organic vegetable that only grows in Guatemala. Or maybe he thought I thought they litterally sold apples. I don't know. But apparently the hard drive just decided his work was done. So we should be getting our computer back Monday... $300 dollars later.

In the mean time, Carter is drooling like the Married with Children water fountain. The doctor's been saying that he should be getting teeth in for the last three months. Maybe this time one will actually come in. Jami's in Atlanta for the Catalyst conference. I'm home alone hanging with Mr. Carter. I didn't know there were so many details to cover... and we only have one child. Jami will be back Sunday night! Can't wait!


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