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Saturday, October 29, 2005

7 Foods for the Fearless Eater

Think you've got a strong stomach? Let me know if you can handle these treats...

7. Spiders - Spider-eating is practiced in a number of places, but Cambodia seems to be the place where it has drawn the most attention, thanks to a practice of eating meaty finger-sized tarantulas known in Khmer as a-ping. Yeah, that's a huge grilled spider to the left.

6. Sea Cucumber - also called sea slug, a beloved treat of China and Spain's northeastern coast around Barcelona.

5. Ortolan - This small songbird, part of the bunting family and found in southwest France.

4. Lunch Meat - The subset of luncheon meat we're thinking of is the stuff that's unsavory for no reason than that it simply isn't made to be better.

3. Hákarl (putrefied shark) - In Iceland, quite literally shark meat that traditionally was allowed to rot in the ground. It's typically prepared by burying a washed, gutted side of shark in gravel for six to eight weeks — or more likely nowadays, by soaking it in large plastic vats filled with brine — then allowing it to cure in the open air for another two months. It tastes awful in the beginning, but the aftertaste is good.

2. Cobra Heart - A major stop on the extreme-eating circuit is Vietnam, Some hearts are served up as a little raw tidbit, still-beating, to be chased down with a slug of cobra blood.

1. Monkey Brains - Still considered a delicacy, or at least a foodstuff, in parts of South Asia, Africa and China, there's no doubt monkey brains have their constituency.

You can check out, Some bravery as a side dish, for the complete article... Mmmmmm YUCK!


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