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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Why... Why!?

Ok, I know I didn't put why I am in Fort Wayne this week... I was typing on my phone at the time and by the end of that post I was ready to throw it across the parking lot. Any, now that I have a laptop (thanks dad... and for the dinner... oh, and for the latte... you're actually sitting across the table from me now and don't realize that I'm typing about you) I'll tell you why. Every full-time youth care worker has to do a 40-hour training that's required by the state, so I'm in Fort Wayne learning the ins and outs of juvenile detention. Our facility actually employs quality youth care workers and supervisors, so I've already learned a lot of what is being taught. But it's fun hearing stories from the different centers that are represented around the state. So, that's why I'm in Fort Wayne. Thanks for asking!


Blogger Stephy said...

Don't fret! You'll be home before ya know it. Be safe coming back

4:55 PM  

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