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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Overturning the Gospels: it's not just about other people's sex lives

As I was reading through other blogs and news feeds I have loaded into Firefox, I stumbled upon this article, Overturning the Gospels, by Melinda Henneberger of MSNBC online. Below are a few highlights of statements and questions that caught my eye:
Katrina has reminded us that Christian morality should be about responding to the wretched and loving the unlovable—not about other people’s sex lives.

Defending traditional marriage? A breeze. Living in one? Less so. Telling gay people what they can't do? Piece o' cake. But responding to the wretched? Loving the unlovable? Forgiving the ever-so-occasionally annoying people you actually know? Hard work, as our president would say, and rather more of a stretch.

So far, though, I'd love to be wrong, I see no reason to think the president's sinking poll numbers will persuade him that there's more to (pro-)life than opposing abortion.
So, as followers of Jesus, how are we doing? How am I doing? Because living a revolution isn't simply about defending and telling like the "Falwells" and "Robertsons" have done in the recent past. It's about living, responding, loving and forgiving – and that's hard. It's about building relationships rather than rambling on about what you're against on national TV or from the "pulpit". So in light of Katrina, it's time to overturn the Gospels of "traditional American christianity" and live the Jesus revolution where pro-life means more than it does today.


Anonymous Meg said...


What does it really mean to be pro-life--for preborn and postborn life all around the world?


10:45 PM  

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