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Monday, September 05, 2005

Issues with Blogger

I want to open this post by letting everyone know that I am pleased to use Blogger for the most part. It accomplishes what I want to do with a blog and I'm grateful that it is free to the user. However, over the last week I've encountered some issues that I've noticed on my blog – links that show up twice when there should only be one, gaps and breaks in the blogger header, my profile and links don't show up in the proper spot rather they start way down the page on Explorer on a PC (they are in the correct spot on my Mac's Explorer, Firefox and Safari) and most recently I have to begin to use the "word verification" feature in order to cut the spam that I've encountered in my comments. The link and the comment issue is very frustrating for me. In addition, I think it's completely ridiculous that readers who wish to comment on my posts have to type in a word verification in order to post their comment. There has to be a better security feature that blogger can use rather than inconveniencing readers when they wish to comment. Again, I'm pleased overall, but this has been a frustrating week in my world of Blogging.



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