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Thursday, September 29, 2005

2005 Innovative Church Conference - Day One

The Innovative Church Conference kicked off today at Granger Community Church. I'll be commenting on my favorite nuggets in each session. If you want more in-depth notes you can check out Tony Morgan's blog.

Session 1: What Do You Believe About Your Ministry

Favorite Nugget: Do you really believe that God is with us? God is not some mean old man who sits in Heaven disciplining us when we screw up. He doesn't just sit with His arms folded pointing out our mistakes as He looks down His nose at us. God cares for us and came down to hold our hand, put His arms around us and touch our hearts... because He loves us. God moved into our neighborhood to live with and in us. He is with us.

Session 2: Create, Compel, Convince

Favorite Nugget: When we innovate we aren't creating some new thing. We're not creating a new Savior. We're saying we need refreshment – we need Jesus – when we innovate. We're coming back to the same Gospel, same Savior and same Source. But we find new and different ways to communicate God's love and grace for people.

Session 3: Student Ministry Breakout

Favorite Nugget: Effective leaders need two things: To be able to cast a strong, compelling vision. And to be storytellers – to be able to pass on stories to others about their students, volunteer leaders and their families (I added families). Obviously they also need to possess integrity and a personal relationship with Jesus... those should be a given... should be.

Session 4: Communication Crossroads

Favorite Nugget: There are two things that every extraordinary church has: Ordinary people with a passion for the person of Jesus. And, a passion for the lost.


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