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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Soldiers Storm Synagogues

I'm trying to get my mind around what has been happening for the last two days. If you've been living in a cave, Israel has ordered the evacuation of all Jewish settlers (9,000) from Gaza. As a result, protests have been taking place in various settlements. Today one of those protests took place in and on top of one of their synagogues. Soldiers and the SWAT team entered unarmed to breakup and remove the protesters. As they made their way to the roof they were doused with sand, water, soap, gasoline and acid. The only force from the soldiers was in the form of a water cannon spraying blue soap. The officers chose blue because it is the color that symbolizes those who are in favor of the Gaza pullout. Even though five officers are seriously injured, you could see soldiers hugging protesters, who are both Jews. After all, this is an area that is surrounded by the Palestinians who would, on a normal day, be firing rockets and mortars at the Jews. I am in awe of the restraint that these soldiers are showing despite the violence and derogatory words being directed their way. And I just can't understand how those Jewish settlers feel as they are kicked out of their homes, some who have lived there for some 30 years. A home where they have been under constant literal and physical fire. A home where some have lost children, wives, husbands, mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters. A home, where they believe, is a place they are commanded to go to worship. This is a highly emotional time for every Jew. And even though I'm not Jewish by human standards, as a friend of Jesus (He calls us friends) and a member of God's family, the scenes that are being played out hurts my heart. There are few places where I wish to be – Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran – those three aren't at the top of my list. But this is a place where I wish I was right now.


Blogger Ben said...

Great post! My Dad is a former muslim palestinan PLO fighter who is now a christian. He's been in Gaza this past month and has seen first hand what's taking place. What's really sad is to see innocent Palestinian people being used as pawns by the terrorist world against Israel. They were also removed from their homes some 60 years ago in somewhat the same manner by Arab leaders who gave their land to Israel. It'll be interesting to see if any type of change takes place after this huge move.

9:30 PM  
Blogger praynlady said...

Todd, this story really touched my heart. I guess I have been in that cave because I have not kept up with the news for the last few weeks. It is sad that people have to go through this and it is even sadder that the others have to do it. The ONLY thing I know is this: GOD IS VICTORIOUS! He has already won the battles and He will win the war. On that we can count! It has to be tough on both sides and what some people don't remember is that we have to pray for both. They are all God's children and we have to pray for the good, the bad and the ugly.

ps. great to see you came by for a visit!

7:56 PM  

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