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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Rides... Food... Poop. It's Fair Time

I have never been a fan of county fairs. Maybe it's because, when I was young, I knew that school started about two weeks after the summer fair. It could also be because of the dirty farm animal smell that radiates around the fair grounds and makes me sick to my stomach. Or, maybe it's because of the numerous guys wandering around rockin the mullet hair style. Or, it could be that I HATE most, if not all of the rides. I just don't do well on rides that spin you horizontal, vertical, slow, fast or psychotically fast. About seven years ago my wife, then girlfriend, talked me into going on the Zipper. I should have known by the name that I wouldn't like this ride. I lost my change, I nearly lost my car keys and I almost lost my cookies. And no matter how loud I screamed or how serious my voice got, the ride operator kept it going, sped it up and laughed his evil laugh even as I walked away. Yes, I was around 22 years old. To this day, Jami laughs at me. I give you all this background info to tell you that we took Carter to his first county fair on Friday. He did great. He always loves it when there are tons of people to look at. He had some steak and potatoes, salt-water taffy and a butter pecan shake... ok, he didn't but dad did. He loved the tractors and the animals... yes we washed his hands after the petting zoo... that's just gross. He didn't like the no-name band that played one song for what seemed like 15 minutes. You can check out part of his adventure below.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is so funny, we were just talking about the first time we took Chloe to a Fair, it was when she was 3 and weve never been back. Carter is so cute.

Debbie Mann

9:40 AM  
Blogger praynlady said...

Todd, Carter is really a cutey. Kaylee, has been twice now and both times she had way more fun than we did. However, just watching the visions of new things and the sparkling in her eyes makes it all worthwhile even though I'd rather be at home away from all the junk that stirs up my hayfever. I am allergic to almost anything that I come into contact with and I dope up (dose) before we go to anything like the fair. It is such a pleasure to watch our little ones experience new things and watch their laughter. God is good, sooooo good. I wish everybody viewed their children as gifts from Heaven, and treated them so. The world would have a much better outlook on life I think. Bless you for being a "do it" dad. I think some dads just (and moms) don't know what they are missing. God Bless,

1:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great stuff - having been at the fair with you guys that night I would caption the "tractor" pic, "I'm not laughing for you all - I'm laughing AT you". (Considering there was at least four adults making crazy fools of themselves while trying to make him smile for the camera!)

3:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Carter, I can't believe your mom and dad took you to the fair. I tried to convince my mom and dad but my dad said "are you kidding me" Maybe someday I can come with you.

See you soon!

10:25 PM  

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