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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Partly Cloudy

This is a photo of the Sierra Madre mountain range in Monterrey, Mexico. This view is spectacular in person. There are times when the whole mountain is covered in clouds. There are times when the whole mountain is completely visible. Then there are times like this, when part of the mountain is visible while the rest is covered. This is one of those times. There must be hundreds of feet that are covered by these clouds. During my second trip down there, as I looked on at this cloud-covered mountain I thought about Moses and what his view must have been of his Cloud-covered mountain. So I decided to explore Exodus 24 once again. I was simply wanting to get a picture of the awesome view that Moses must have had. But God had something different he wanted to say to me. Check it out:

God said to Moses, "Climb higher up the mountain and wait there for me; I'll give you tablets of stone, the teachings and commandments that I've written to instruct them." So Moses got up, accompanied by Joshua his aide. And Moses climbed up the mountain of God... The cloud covered the mountain. The Glory of God settled over Mount Sinai. The Cloud covered it for six days. On the seventh day he called out of the Cloud to Moses... Moses entered the middle of the Cloud and climbed the mountain.
Exodus 24:12-13 & 15-18.

God told Moses to do something that I cannot stand – He said, "Wait." That is one thing that I find really hard to do well... actually, I just don't do it well at all. When I have to wait for certain things emotions start creeping in on me like anxiousness, frustration, crankiness, and sadness to name a few. So when I see that God tells Moses to wait I wonder what was Moses thinking. Was he scared? Was he nervous? Was he frustrated? Was he like, "Dude I can't wait to get in that cloud!" I don't know. But I do know that Moses had to wait, not five minutes, not five hours, but six days. And I also know that there are times in my life when God tells me to wait. And when He says wait, there are days that I struggle with that. But check it out, just after God tells Moses to wait, He let's him know that He's gonna come through on His end. He tells Moses, "Yo chief, I'm gonna give you what you need, My teachings and My instructions." You see, just like with Moses, God fulfills His promises to those He calls and to those He says, "Wait" He says, "Yo dude and dudettes, I'm gonna give you what you need." And within the Cloud, God will reveal His majesty, glory and goodness. I just find it hard to wait for God's voice to call me into the Cloud to climb the mountain.


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