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Friday, July 08, 2005

Relationships Suck

Maybe I'm being too honest here. But that's the way I feel sometimes. I mean, wouldn't it be great if your relationships with your kids, wife/husband, brothers/sisters, moms/dads, friends, co-workers and boss were just like you have with your dog? Then they would just do what you want them to do, go where you want them to go (maybe that's not a good thing if you're thinking... hell), not talk back and just lay by your feet thinking you're the greatest. But that just doesn't happen. Obviously our most valuable relationships are with people, and people suck sometimes (that's right, even you), which means relationships suck sometimes. It takes hard work, commitment and a God-style design to make them successful. With all of that said, we just started our new midweek series entitled "L.A.S.T. – Building relationships that last a lifetime." Here are the highlights from last night taken from Ephesians 4:25-32...

1. Be Real... nobody likes a fake. Be transparent – the real you. Vers 25
2. Learn to reveal... speak the truth in love. Develop Matthew 18:15
relationships. Verse 25
3. Seal the deal... verses 26 & 27. Try to settle and resolve conflict.
4. Let God heal... verses 29-32. Practice the art of forgiving and accept
the forgiveness of God and others.

This was a great start to a great new midweek series. Relationships do suck sometimes, but they also matter to God – because people matter to God. Now, is there a series on how to keep your dog from running away...?


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