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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

I Want A Buzz

One of the books I'm currently reading is Brand Hijack, written by Alex Wipperfurth, partner at his San Francisco marketing firm Plan B. In it, he discusses the difference between Buzz and Hype. Buzz, according to David Lewis, is the infectious chatter that spreads from consumer to consumer about something of genuine interest to them. Because it's genuine, it's trusted. Hype, Alex tells us, is paid for by the brand owner through media and advertising and is "targeted at consumers" which invites skepticism and distrust. He goes on to mention that Buzz starts with a social idea. With Hype, the message is primarily about the product or a "borrowed interest," not the product's meaning. Check out more differences between the two:


Is Genuine

Is co-created with the market

Travels through grassroots, peer-to-peer communication

Carries an authentic social message; it’s news

Is seductive and speaks exponentially

Is trustworthy

Is a long-term learning model


Is fabricated

Is autocratic, leaked by the brand owner; the market is an audience, not a participant

Uses mass media and staged events

Carries a biased product message; it’s publicity

Is loud and aggressive

Can easily be distrusted

Creates short-term awareness

What do you think about the two? Where do you stand... more Buzz or more Hype? I'm still processing between the two... the good and the not-so-good.


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