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Saturday, July 02, 2005

Escape at the Bryant's

Mackenzie Bryant1
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Yesterday, Jami and I had an amazing opportunity to watch Eliana, our friends Ted and Angela's little girl. Towards the end of our time there, we decided to take the kids for a walk. Now in a few previous walks of mine and Jami, we've encountered some pretty insane dogs that wanted to eat us alive – and they would have, were it not for the chain they were hooked to. Needless to say, when we go for walks now, my radar is up for any stray dogs. This time was no different. As we got a block and a half away, I noticed a dog running around up ahead with no leash. I let Jami know and we kept walking. As we rounded the corner I looked to the right to see if the dog was still there... yep. Our eyes locked – he noticed me and I noticed him – and we both knew it. "Oh good," I thought to myself. "He's pooping in someone's yard." He's preocupied. And if he does come our way, he should be in a pretty good mood... I mean who isn't after you poop. The dog finishes his business and starts to head our way. He looks nice, but who knows. As he gets closer, Jami says, "Is it?" "I don't know," I reply. It might be... no it isn't... it can't be... We stop, the dog comes up to us and I look down... "It might be." I take a peek at the dog's collar... "It is," I tell Jami! The dogs collar reads, "Mackenzie Bryant". It's Ted and Angela's dog. We almost lost their dog, and didn't even know it! As we talked about it, we had the back door to the garage and the garage door open at the same time. The dog snuck out while we were putting the kids in their strollers! At least we didn't almost lose their kid!


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