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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Wire"less" Day

The horror struck my heart about 20 minutes into my drive to work on Monday as I reached across to the passenger seat. No, it wasn't a flat tire. And I didn't get into an accident. It was worse - much worse... I suddenly realized that I had forgotten my cell phone. Now instead of Cold Play or Three Days Grace running through my head, the terror of not being connected was racing through my brain. So for the next 20 minutes I drove in silence wondering what life would be like without my cell phone. As I pulled up to work I made a B-line for a phone to check my messages - “no new messages” the recording told me. I checked my voicemail - my lifeline to the world - each hour, all 10 times receiving the same recording, “No new messages.” Finally work ended. What seemed like a lifetime was actually 10 hours, but I had made it. I had made it without my cell phone. Now I had to face one last mountain… the drive to my softball game, where hopefully my wife would bring my cell phone with her. Knowing that I was connectionless made my drive very lonely. There were so many people that I wanted to call but couldn't. I caught myself reaching in vain towards the passenger side of my car only to realize that I was indeed alone. So many questions I needed to ask - how's my little boy, how's my wife doing, is my softball game still on or did it get rained out. Sadly, I would have to wait to get the answers I so desperately wanted. Game time. Honestly my mind wasn't in it. Every so often I caught myself gazing out into the parking lot looking to see if my wife was coming. And then it happened, bottom of the third, nobody out, two and two count on the batter. Could it be? Yes, yes it was. My wife had arrived and sat down in the stands. The inning ends and I ran to her to get what I need like a crack addict runs to his dealer. “Do you got it,” I ask her. She looks at me like I'm actually on crack, and hands me my cell phone. I check the display, no voicemail and no text messages. I hadn't missed a thing without my cell phone. My world didn't end as I knew it and I do feel fine. (Ok, bad pun. If you didn't get it you either haven't been to Granger Community Church this past week, or you haven't been watching Tom Cruise interviews.) Sometimes I want to just turn off my cell phone or leave it behind when we go on vacation… Wait, no I don't. Ok, gotta run. I need to reply to a text message.


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I don't even own a cell phone. How do I manage?

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