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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

NASCAR And Diapers

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I'm almost embarrassed to admit this because I'm from the north and not from West Virginia, but I'm beginning to like NASCAR racing. It's almost scary. I'm just glad that I don't have a sister. Jami thinks I'm turning into a redneck and calls me other names that have to do with NASCAR and West Virginia, but I won't go there. I can't watch a whole race yet, and I really don't care if a Ford or a Chevy wins. But I do like to watch towards the end of the race when the details matter – are the tires new or worn, do the drivers have enough gas in their cars and how quickly can they get in and out of the pits. So that got me thinking... changing a diaper, that's kind of like a pit stop. How fast can I rip Carter's diaper off and slap a new one on? Well as of today... 47 seconds. I think I can do better.


Anonymous Mom said...

Hey...Dad has a leather NASCAR jacket he's been trying to unload on the internet...I'm sure you would look great wearing it to church.....!!!

9:33 PM  
Anonymous Jason Powell said...

I enjoy watching Nascar too ... I'm not hard core though. I find it best to watch the beginning, nap through the middle, and catch the last 15mins :-)

I'm usally pulling for Gordon ... not sure why I like him though.

12:47 PM  
Blogger praynlady said...

Go Gordon!
Oh yeah, I've never timed myself changing Kaylee's diaper but now that we are potty training, I can tell you that we can make it through the house to the bathroom in under 8 seconds. Although I usually have a mess to clean up that takes about an hour. Seems so unfair!

6:39 PM  

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